The Yoke Shopper Story...

The story of the Yoke Shopper began 20 years ago - when inventor Matt Davies thought he'd found the perfect solution to sore hands, until he almost got arrested on the way back from the supermarket...

"At the time, I was at university and, like most students without a car, I had to walk to the supermarket. It was tough in those days. The supermarket was a 4-mile uphill slog both-ways.

To make carrying my heavy shopping bags easier I was in the habit of taking off my belt and looping it around the bag handles, then slipping the belt over my shoulder. Alas, without my belt performing its normal job my trousers fell down, while I was crossing a busy road - in front of a police car...

Thankfully they saw the funny side and I decided I had better invent something to carry my heavy shopping and leave my belt to keep my trouser up!"

After four years of painstaking research and development the hands free Yoke Shopper bag carrier, was born and since it's launch the gadget has helped walkers, cyclists, disabled and elderly yoke shoppers carry their shopping bags. The hands free carrier is made in the UK and has won numerous international design awards, most notably the gold medal in class and Judges Award at the Geneva Inventors Show. We hope you enjoy the Yoke Shopper - welcome to the pain-free, hands-free revolution.

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Matt using Yoke Shopper
Receiving award for 'Industrial Design' from the main man.

Receiving award for 'Industrial Design' from the main man.

The Inventor, Matt Davies and the Yoke Shopper

The Inventor, Matt Davies and the Yoke Shopper

"Thank you for the excellent customer service. The hands free Yoke Shopper is just brilliant! Such a simple idea to help with bag carrying, so practical - I love it. I will be recommending it to all my friends!"

Vivian, GB

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Carry shopping bags in comfort, in your hand or over your shoulder with the smart and simple Yoke Shopper.


Designed and built in the Great Britain, Yoke Shopper is the perfect gadget for anyone who needs to shop, which is pretty much, everybody!

Carry all your shopping bags with ease. Keep the pain out of shopping and most of all keep your hands free!

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