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Fits on Airport carts very nicely...

Fits on Airport carts very nicely...

Easily attach your shopping to ALL pushchair and buggy handles

Easily attach your shopping to ALL pushchair and buggy handles

6 bags and counting! Still hands free though...

6 bags and counting! Still hands free though...

Securely locks all your shopping bags together - simple!

Securely locks all your shopping bags together - simple!

Why buy The Yoke Shopper?

No more aching arms or finger fatigue . No more plastic bag handles cutting into your fingers.

The Yoke Shopper takes the strain out of carrying your shopping. This multi-award winning, ergonomic design will securely lock together your plastic shopping bags and most ‘bags for life’ so when you set them down the contents stay where you left it.

The hands-free shopping system allows you to carry the weight of your shopping comfortably on your shoulder or across your body while keeping your hands free so you can:

  • - Answer your mobile
  • - Pay for shopping
  • - Push your buggy
  • - Cycle without the hassle
  • - Manage the kids
  • - Swipe your travel card
  • - Put up your umbrella
  • - Unlock your front door

Small And Light - The size of a tangerine and weighing just 62g, it can easily pop into a pocket or bag ready to shop when you are. It also clips on to a bag strap or belt.

Strong And Sturdy - The body of the Yoke Shopper is made from reinforced ABS plastic. The nylon strap is made from the same material as parachutes. The Yoke Shopper is built to shop!

Simple To Use - The retractable carry strap is fully adjustable. It suits most people and means bags can be comfortably carried on the shoulder or across the body. The iconic design of this gadget also features super-easy one-button operation.

The perfect gadget gift for anyone who needs a helping hand with the shopping. From a busy Mum or a cyclist to a relative or a frequent flyer juggling duty free bags, the Yoke Shopper is the only truly hands free shopping gadget you will need. Buy one today and tell all your friends!

"This is one great innovation and a must-have for shoppers. You can be completely hands-free even when you have lots of shopping bags to carry home"

Phillipa Refton, London
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Buy with confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed. No quibble 30 day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.

  • Yoke Shopper Supports The Environment

    Yoke Shopper fully supports all environmental initiatives to re-use and reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation.

  • Made In Great Britain

    We are proud to say the Yoke Shopper has is designed and built in Great Britain. Prouder still that we sell internationally, 28 countries and counting!

Carry shopping bags in comfort, in your hand or over your shoulder with the smart and simple Yoke Shopper.


Designed and built in the Great Britain, Yoke Shopper is the perfect gadget for anyone who needs to shop, which is pretty much, everybody!

Carry all your shopping bags with ease. Keep the pain out of shopping and most of all keep your hands free!

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