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Have you ever suffered from ‘bag burn’ - that painful feeling of plastic bag handles cutting in to your hands? Add in ‘arm ache’ and ‘finger fatigue’ caused by heavy bags and - as well as alliteration overload - the whole experience gets pretty miserable, pretty quick.

Yoke Shopper - the multi-award winning, international bestseller quite simply solves all of your shopping bag strife …

No more ‘bag burn’ – Ergonomically designed to comfortably sit in your hand so you can freely carry several heavy bags with ease.

Eliminate ‘arm ache’ and ‘finger fatigue’ once and for all. Carrying heavy shopping on your shoulder or across your body is so much more comfortable.

Shopping secured. With all your bag handles securely locked together your shopping stays put and you only have to search for one handle, the Yoke Shopper.

Now wave your hands in the air!. Best of all, the Yoke Shopper allows you to comfortably carry your heavy shopping bags to keep your hands free!

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Step 1

Securely slide on a number of plastic shopping bags or bags for life - the Yoke Shopper will lock them together so your shopping stays put.

Step 2

With your shopping bags securely locked together the Yoke Shopper is designed to sit comfortably in your hand – it spreads the weight and prevents bag handles from cutting into your fingers.

Step 3

To keep your hand free, press and hold the button to pull out the required length of carry strap. Release the button (audible 'click') to securely lock in place.

Step 4

Carry the weight of your shopping bags on your shoulder or across your body – welcome to hands-free shopping!

"The Yoke Shopper is an essential tool to anyone like me who is a multi-tasker. By using the Yoke I am able to talk on the phone, walk my dog and carry my shopping all at the same time!"

Meg Barron, Texas US

How To Buy Yoke Shopper


£12.99 including free worldwide delivery

Follow these 4 simple steps and soon your very own Yoke Shopper(s) will be making their way to your door very soon....

Step 1

How many do you want?

You can purchase through our secure system, or via Paypal. Select how many Yoke Shoppers you would like. If you have an offer code enter it and click the Apply button (please note: offer codes are not accepted through PayPal). When you are ready click the "I love it..." button, or the PayPal "Buy Now" button to proceed.

Step 2

Your details

Enter your name, email address, delivery address and billing address (if different). To enter different addresses un-tick the "Same billing and shipping info" option and enter each address. Then click on the "Payment Info button".

Step 3

Payment & delivery

Complete your payment details and click the "Buy Yoke Shopper" button to complete your purchase.

Step 4

Order complete

Success! Email confirmation will be sent to you and your Yoke Shopper will be dispatched soon.

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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Buy with confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed. No quibble 30 day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.

  • Yoke Shopper Supports The Environment

    Yoke Shopper fully supports all environmental initiatives to re-use and reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation.

  • Made In Great Britain

    We are proud to say the Yoke Shopper has is designed and built in Great Britain. Prouder still that we sell internationally, 28 countries and counting!

Carry shopping bags in comfort, in your hand or over your shoulder with the smart and simple Yoke Shopper.


Designed and built in the Great Britain, Yoke Shopper is the perfect gadget for anyone who needs to shop, which is pretty much, everybody!

Carry all your shopping bags with ease. Keep the pain out of shopping and most of all keep your hands free!

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