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The Yoke Shopper has achieved international recognition and the world's media have reported on the useful hands free bag carrier, recently the Yoke Shopper appeared :-

Stephen Fry's Gadget Man made for Channel 4.

'BIEN ETRE' - French morning show - Yoke Shopper demonstrated by the lovely Laure Degouy on French morning TV show.

NBC Today - US morning show - Yoke Shopper on NBC Today’s hit US breakfast show.

Western Mail - Global launch for gadget to help shoppers.

RTL TV - Yoke Shopper on Dutch TV (second item)

Wired - Shoulder Strap for Hands-Free Grocery Shopping

Gizmag - Become a human packhorse with the Yoke Shopper

Oh Gizmo - Yoke Shopper Lets You Carry Plastic Grocery Bags Messenger Style

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Yoke Shopper - the inventor’s story…

The story of the Yoke Shopper begins 20 years ago – when Matt almost got arrested on the way back from the supermarket.

At the time I was at university and like most students without a car had to walk to the supermarket.

It was tough in those days. The supermarket was an uphill-both-ways 4-mile roundtrip. To make carrying my heaving shopping easier I was in the habit of taking off my belt and looping it around the carrier bag handles to carry the shopping on my shoulder.

Alas, without my belt performing its normal job my trousers fell down - while crossing a busy road in front of a police car.

Thankfully they saw the funny side and I decided I had better invent something to carry my shopping and which wouldn’t lead to my trousers falling down again.

And so after four years of painstaking research and development the Yoke Shopper was born.

Yoke Shopper Now

Yoke Enterprises Ltd has been taking the strain out of shopping for busy shoppers around the world for over five years and has now sold over 35,000 units of this multi award-winning* gadget in 28 countries.

The Yoke Shopper takes the strain out of carrying shopping bags. This multi-award winning, ergonomic design will securely lock together your plastic shopping bags and most ‘bags for life’.

The Yoke Shopper proves itself invaluable to shoppers in several ways.

  • The Yoke Shopper cures bag burn, arm ache and finger fatigue. The hands-free shopping system allows you to carry the weight of your shopping comfortably on your shoulder or across your body while keeping your hands free so you can:
  • Answer your mobile
  • Push your buggy (the Yoke Shopper will also easily attach to the buggy)
  • Manage the kids
  • Swipe your travel card
  • Put up your umbrella

• Securely locks plastic shopping bags and ‘bags for life’ together so bags and contents stay where they were left.

• Small, light and strong – the Yoke Shopper weighs just 62g and is small enough to pop into a pocket or bag ready to shop when you are. The body of the Yoke Shopper is made from reinforced ABS plastic. The nylon strap is made from the same material as parachutes. The Yoke Shopper is built to shop!

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Buy with confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed. No quibble 30 day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.

  • Yoke Shopper Supports The Environment

    Yoke Shopper fully supports all environmental initiatives to re-use and reduce the number of plastic bags in circulation.

  • Made In Great Britain

    We are proud to say the Yoke Shopper has is designed and built in Great Britain. Prouder still that we sell internationally, 28 countries and counting!

Carry shopping bags in comfort, in your hand or over your shoulder with the smart and simple Yoke Shopper.


Designed and built in the Great Britain, Yoke Shopper is the perfect gadget for anyone who needs to shop, which is pretty much, everybody!

Carry all your shopping bags with ease. Keep the pain out of shopping and most of all keep your hands free!

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